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Market potential to produce multiple strategies

Market potential to produce multiple strategies
Whether it is macroeconomic policy or enterprise development are indicative of high-voltage inverter industry broad market prospects. Zhao Zhengming also agreed that "the next 10 years, China's high-voltage inverter market will continue to develop steadily." He told reporters.
According to the national "motor speed control technology industrialization approach and countermeasures research" report, 66% of China's total power consumption consumed in the motor. At present, China's motor installed capacity of about 700 billion kW, and about half of the high-voltage motor, of which nearly 70% of the drag load is fan, pump, compressor, half for speed, that is about 101.5 million kW high-voltage motor In a state of wasteful operation. According to the current average per kilowatt high voltage inverter about 500 yuan price estimates, do not consider the future needs of new high-voltage motor frequency control, high-voltage inverter potential market as high as 50 billion yuan.
"Need to emphasize that the rapid development of the market at the same time must be stable." Zhao Zhunming that "there are many ways to save energy, after all, high-voltage inverter prices are relatively expensive, whether the need for high-voltage inverter for speed control requirements Speed ​​system to conduct a scientific and comprehensive assessment.It is recommended to analyze the existing system problems and targeted use of frequency control; the new system should be the first to optimize the design to prevent the emergence of high-voltage inverter but did not achieve efficient Running the situation.
In addition to continue to increase technological innovation and enhance product performance to achieve the traditional industrial areas of energy conservation, many of the original production of high-voltage inverter companies have been or are transforming research and development of wind power converters, solar grid converter and other products, through Diversified strategic layout to share the bigger market cake.
To wind power converter, for example, with the rapid development of China's wind power industry is expected in the next 10 years, the total capacity of wind power converter market will reach 28 billion to 46 billion yuan. Faced with such a considerable market expectations, domestic enterprises are eager.
Jiuzhou Electric is a typical representative of the success of the transition, in 2009 its megawatt-class wind power converter test platform put into operation, direct-drive and double-fed megawatt-class wind turbine successfully off the assembly line, its year Production of 200 sets of megawatt-class wind power inverter industrialization project was listed as the new central investment focus on industrial revitalization and technological transformation of special, and received 11.9 million yuan of state funding.
In addition, Rongxin shares developed wind power converter has been through the Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. 1.5 MW wind power converter test platform testing, is expected in 2010 to achieve the first batch of product sales. The control of the sea has been completed 1.5 MW and 2 MW double-fed wind power converter development, is the only through the China Electric Power Research Institute low-voltage through the test converter.
As the national science and technology "wind power special support project plan," the overall expert group members, Zhao Zhaoming told reporters, "Although the Ministry of Science and Technology has arranged a number of units were R & D and production of 1.5 MW, 2 MW and 3 MW double feed and direct drive wind power Converter, but because the domestic fan, especially wind turbines started late, there is no perfect domestic specialized in wind power testing departments and test sites, wind power converter product stability has yet to be further improved, but overall , China 's three kinds of specifications of the wind power converter have achieved the capacity of independent production, 1.5 MW doubly fed and direct drive products can be achieved mass production.
Almost certainly, in the huge market demand to stimulate, China's high-voltage inverter market will continue to grow.